Have You Always Had the Desire to Help Others?

Healing Fountain Life Coaching Certification


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Have you ever felt that you are a natural life coach? Or that you’re constantly coaching everyone? Or have you known you want a career as a certified life coach? Then, Healing Fountain Life Coaching is for you! 

Healing Fountain Life Coaching Certification is a six month, two parts certification course. The first part consists of a 20 hour weekend seminar.  The second part consists of a six month hands-on training apprenticeship. Both parts must be completed to receive your Healing Fountain Life Coaching Certification!  There is even opportunity for select students to be hand selected to start working at the Healing Fountain upon certification with a starting pay of $50/hour!  

Part 1: Students attend a 20 hour, weekend seminar where they are taught and practice the overall philosophy and modalities of Healing Fountain Life Coaching. 

Part 2: Students must complete the six month apprenticeship, where they will have six months of hands-on training within a once a week, 3-4 hour experiential training exercises. The apprenticeship is where students practice and gain confidence using the Healing Fountain Life Coaching skills. Students will life coach volunteer clients and also practice with others who are taking the course. As the Healing Fountain Life Coaching student gains confidence and becomes fluid within all their required life coaching skills, they receive their Healing Fountain Life Coaching Certification!

Healing Fountain Life Coaches are trained within four major categories:

1. Knowing you are the connection of spirit, soul & body

2. The Focus of Thoughts, Feelings & Law Of Attraction

3. Thought-Intention Energy Therapy & Transformation

4. Quantum Mastery Thinking, Feeling, & Receiving

Students will also expand into their higher intuition and healing skills as a natural part of taking this Healing Fountain Life Coaching Certification Course! Imagine a career changing people’s lives for the better while making fabulous money! 

Part 1 of the next class will be held May 3-5, 2019.  Questions? Please call 757-486-1807.


Are You Ready for the Best Years of Your Life?

Healing Fountain Life Coaching Sessions


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People are often seeking ways to get rid of stress, depression, anger, and overwhelmed feelings. They seek advice from others, a cold drink, rely on meds or personal therapy. We know that people come to the Healing Fountain thinking that they need to fix their feelings or what’s going on in their life. Although at the Healing Fountain we not only transform the way people think and feel about themselves and their life, but also transform them into mastery of creating a whole new person and the life of their dreams within just a few visits! 

Healing Fountain Life Coaching is the process of targeting client’s present mindful thoughts. Why? Your thoughts create everything! Healing Fountain life coaches target & shift negative thought patterns energetically, while teaching quantum mastery thinking and Law Of Attraction receiving. No meds! No therapy! No long process of change! 

Thoughts create our reality! Healing Fountain Life Coaches identify your sabotaging thoughts and use thought-intention energy therapy & vibrational transformation while coaching clients into positive empowered thinking and law of attraction receiving! And this process is FAST! Want to know how fast? Message with your issue / goal and we will let you know how many sessions you will need. 

Receive half off your first session! Please call 757-486-1807 to schedule today!


Connect to Your Limitless Power!

Connection Meditation Into Manifestation Class


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Connection Meditation Into Manifestation is a process of mastery connection.  This meditation is a 60 minute process that starts within a guided meditative state of energy connection. We will place our thoughts into deliberate intention of blending our vibration with Spirit! Once we are in the state of spirit deliberate connection, we go thru the steps of creation by asking for what we want, feeling into “It’s done” and experience the expansive vibrational state of receiving! The meditation ends within a 30 minute silent connection and along with ongoing Law of Attraction receiving!

You can join us in person if you are in the Hampton Roads area. If you are not, you can join us online. Be sure to register in advance to ensure your spot. We will meet on Tuesdays at 6:15 p.m., promptly starting at 6:30 p.m. 

The Connection Meditation to Manifestation events are held every Tuesday evening at the Healing Fountain in VA Beach or Online. Please call 757-486-1807 from more information.