Pamela Hopkins LCSW/Power Life Coach

I am Pamela Hopkins L.C.S.W. I have been a holistic therapist, personal Power Life Coach, healer and quantum physics empowerment educator and trainer for 20 years. I  have a thriving private practice within my healing center, The Healing Fountain. I now experience on a daily basis that my clients amazingly shift and transform instantly into positive, empowered happy people.


Renew, Empower and Transform You & Your Life

The Healing Fountain is a respite; a sacred space for you to renew, empower and revitalize you and your reality.  Clients can expect intuitive therapy/power life coaching,  energy therapy healing and quantum transformation!


Imagine Changing Yourself & Your Reality Instantly!

As a transformational therapist, I  realize that people not only want to get rid of depression and anxiety; but also experience a metamorphosis of instant positive change. People deserve peace, love, joy and self empowerment. It is my greatest pleasure to witness and experience miracles of  change with clients using this transformational therapy.

About Us

Holistic Healing Center

A Place of Inspiration, Healing and Empowered Transformational Therapy

A Sacred Space to Evolve Spiritually & Revitalize

Intuitive Readings, Evidential Mediumship, Massage, Hypnosis, and Reiki. Other Holistic Workshops Include: Reiki Certification, Psychic/Mediumship Development, Crystal Classes, Personal Prophecy Training, and Tarot Classes.

One Stop Sacred Shop!

Spiritual Growth & Personal Development  All  Under One Roof!